Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Titusville - Last Post until January 8, 2015

All alone for two months
It has turned cold down here! The afternoon high was only 52 with a 15 kt north wind! To those of us used to warmer weather, that's cold. In the dark ages when I was up north, the 50's was time for rejoicing as a break from really cold weather! However, those times are so forgotten, we've gone soft. I was going to do so much outside on the boat today, not!

So we had the A/C going in reverse mode for heat and our 1500 watt header doing all it can with another 200 watt unit up front, so it was enough for comfort but taking Hoolie outside was a chore. I'll pick up the car on Wednesday and we'll pack it that night so we can leave first thing Thursday morning for our two day trip to Carrie's house in Pennsylvania.

So we'll see you again January 8 when I'll restart the blog, have a good Thanksgiving and Christmas - see you then.