Thursday, November 6, 2014

Titusville - New battery and moonrise

Nice to see flowers in full bloom this time of the year
The marine store here is not Westmarine but it does have a few of the critical items needed by cruisers. They routinely accept mail for transients, a big help in going down the ICW. The small selection they have is like a subset that includes the most needed items. I was surprised to find that they carried Interstate Batteries. For those not familiar with marine batteries, Interstate is the gold standard of batteries in my experience. One thing to check on when buying batteries of any type is how much they weigh. What you want are the heaviest batteries you can find for the given output desired. The more lead in the battery, the better for long term life. You will find that Interstate Batteries are the heaviest around for a given rating. They also came out on top in Practical Sailor tests. So since they carried Interstate, I replaced the genset starter battery which was showing signs of aging (not an Interstate).

The rising full moon was stunning
On Friday we'll rent a car once again for the weekend at the $10/day rate and explore the area. Enterprise will come and pick you up and take you back when you return the car on Monday, great service. Ann needs to see a Barnes and Noble for art magazines and then she'll get a mall fix next door at the Merritt Island shopping center.

Once again another perfect day. This is the best stretch of weather we've ever encountered on a trip south. Just perfect, calm and warm days. We plan on enjoying them.