Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Titusville - No car so boat work

These are known as "Wood Storks", kind of strange looking with the bald heads
With no excuses left, we had to do boat work today. Ann worked inside while I did the outside jobs. I don't remember having to wash the outside of our house but when your home is a boat, outside washing is a must - occasionally. For compensation, the weather was in the 70's so it wasn't too bad.

Hoolie's looking longingly to the smaller dogs just over the fence in front of him, he wants to play
For afternoon entertainment, we took Hoolie over to the dog park for a run. He got so winded that he collapsed in the kiddie pool they keep there for the dogs. That was not what we intended since now we had a wet dog! So it was a trip back to the boat and a hosing down to get rid of the sand and dirt he picked up. Oh well, at least he had a good run.

We've been in touch with Gordon Johnson and Eta who are also coming down the ICW behind us. They are now in Fernandina and will probably join us for a visit in Titusville early next week. They draw about a foot more depth than we do so they went outside from Charleston to Fernandina, missing all the excellent experiences with the shallows along the way. It's calm now and relaxing on the dock, looking forward to tomorrow.