Friday, January 17, 2014

At Hypoluxo - at a dock

Typical "gate house" along the ICW on Jupiter Island (main house further back)
It was a very quiet night but was it ever cold in the morning, around 40 just before the sun came up. So I "volunteered" to jump out of a warm bunk and start the genset followed by turning on the main A/C (to heat), the aft A/C (to heat), the main cabin ceramic heater, the forward cabin small heater, the switch to heat the hot water for showers and, of course, our heated mattress cover. Out of the 6kw capacity of our genset, we were using 4.5 kw. After about 1/2 hour, everything was cozy. We like comfort.

They do like their boats here - that's signed artwork
Today was the first of two bridge days. There were 11 bridges on the way to Hypoluxo close to where Joe Mastri has a condo in Boynton Beach. Most unfortunately, current was against us all day. It didn't matter if we were north of an inlet or south of the same inlet, the current was always opposing (for the scientifically minded, we happened to hit high tide just as we crossed the inlet leading to the opposing currents on both side of the inlet). With an opposing 1 to 1.5 kt current, we were missing bridge openings by about 5 minutes even though we were motoring at 8 kts. So instead of arriving at Joe's place by 1:30 it was closer to 4:00 before we finally docked.

We're at the Palm Beach Yachting Center which is mostly a small boat marina. Small but not inexpensive! They take fishing in a big way here and some of the boats are a work of art. They only have two transients slips and they don't take reservations but we had no trouble getting in.

Joe Mastri came by to pick us up at 5:00 for a trip over to his place for dinner and trading of the latest news. Hoolie was very glad to see Joe since he always get multiple treats whenever he's around, the dog learns fast when it comes to food! We'll spend one more day here provisioning and visiting with Joe before we leave for Ft Lauderdale on Sunday.