Saturday, January 11, 2014

Titusville - Inside work today

Cement trees? (the trunks)
I've noticed that when the temps down here are in the teens or twenties, it always makes the first page of a newspaper up north. However, when the temperatures recover the next day to the 60's or higher, there's never any mention in the same newspaper! Today we topped out in the low 80's, did you read about it in the northern newspapers? Oh well, we enjoyed the warm weather anyway.

"Normal" palms
Today was another day of putting the boat back together after a 2 month absence. On Sunday I'll add the new ballast to hopefully balance out the new genset we installed last year. Rudy Colich was kind enough to round up 200 feet of 3/8" chain for that purpose which I'll put in the port locker. I currently have a 1.7 degree list to starboard. It will be interesting (to me!) to see how much correction I can get.

 Waling along the path to the dockhouse, I was reminded of our first trip south in a car. We entered a town and saw these rows of what looked like cement (artificial) trees. The trunks were completely smooth and didn't look real. We later learned they were Royal Palms and completely natural. There are close cousins down here next to the cabbage palms that have a more traditional look, at least to northerners (see photos).

After the last of the boat prep work is done (I hope) on Sunday, we plan on heading south once again Monday morning and anchoring in the Eau Gallie area off the ICW. It will feel good to be on the move again!