Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hypoluxo - last day at a dock

The ever present pelicans - they are well fed
We left home and forgot to take our photo calendar with us, the one that we designed on the CVS website with all the family pictures. It's hanging faithfully on the kitchen wall. Oh well, it'll be there when we return in late May but we sure would have liked to have it on our boat. Wait a minute, it's in digital form on the CVS website and there are CVS stores all over the place. So I placed another order for the family calendar and arranged for it to be printed at the nearest CVS. We went over this morning to pick it up and now we have our family calendar on Fleeting. Isn't the digital age wonderful...

Notice the absence of an "ICW Mustache" - two coats of wax on the hull solves that problem
We provisioned today and had dinner over at Joe's condo for a nice, evening meal with lots of catching up on local news. Joe is getting along fine and very active, we enjoyed the visit. We're off Sunday morning for Ft Lauderdale and 15 bridges! This section is also known as "the canyon" which resembles the East River of New York City with concrete bulkheads along both sides of the channel. As those who have traversed the East River know, the bulkheads are great at reflecting waves from passing boats so you get a very confused wave pattern that takes a long time to die off with lots of tossing about of your boat. The wise advice is never to traverse this area on a weekend. However, we're still due to do just that on Sunday, it's getting late and we want warmer weather! So we'll brave the boat traffic and the 15 bridges to hopefully make Ft Lauderdale by late afternoon.