Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Marine Stadium in Miami - at anchor with sailing school

Team USA practicing
As usual here, there are lots of Olympic type sailing boats, the small two man type. Today we saw mostly the USA two man sailboats that were out practicing with an accompanying instructor in an inflatable taking video. We were being used as a turning buoy and they whizzed by inches from our dinghy but they always missed us!

How's one of these for the Hudson River!
The most unusual sailboat were the one man types that raised up on hydrofoils as they gained speed. It's really weird seeing a sailboat levitate with only a thin support beam connecting it to the water! They can really make good time!

Here's a closeup as he rounded our dinghy
We're continuing to look at the weather and it appears that the cold front that's hitting the northeast will coast down here dipping our temperatures into the 60's and causing high winds and generally miserable weather for going anywhere. If the predictions hold up it looks like we'll be here until Saturday before we can continue onward towards Marathon. We're aiming for 1/28 for our arrival date in Key West, a Tuesday, and we're still on target for that but it's iffy. We won't go in bad weather, stay tuned.