Thursday, January 30, 2014

Key West - Get a car, provision, collapse

The bands are still going strong at Schooner Wharf!
Key West is an expensive place to rent a car. There are a multitude of "add ons", fees the local government think the tourists will willing pay. It all amounts to about a 30 % add on to the base price. Nevertheless, we have a car for the next week and today we visited Publix for provisions. It's a great supermarket but one of the unsung specials that you cannot get anywhere else is their can of cashews, their own brand labeled jumbo and they are bigger and with less breakage than any other I've ever had. So if you're ever in a Publix, pick up a can of their store brand cashews.

Notice at Schooner Wharf there is no roof, and the floor is gravel
So after a few stops looking for a casserole dish, we finally did our thing at Publix and headed home, after about two hours. Of course the dock cart was missing (it was there yesterday when I didn't need it) so off loading was a chore but finally everything got onboard.

You know it's cool when Schooner Wharf has up all their weather curtains, complete with a door
We still haven't toured Key West yet, one of the purposes to renting a car. On Friday Ann gets her hair done (Key West has outstanding hair stylists - just imagine the reason why...) and I get a visit from Comcast for cable. There is no over-the-air TV here, it's cable or no TV at all. So i should be able to watch the Super Bowl and perhaps some Olympics.

Key West is seeing a building boom, here's the scene behind Schooner Wharf
Today was raining and cool, in the 60's all day. The locals were dressed for winter! Only a very few boats of the charter fleet went out today, showers were rolling in all day long. Friday is warmer with a high of 76 and then on Saturday the sun is scheduled to return along with dry weather. Talking to some of the locals on the dock, it's been a cool, rainy season so far. We're all looking forward to warmer weather.