Thursday, January 9, 2014

A surprise for us at Titusville

Well, it looked okay from this angle
We had a leisurely breakfast with Joe and Lee Acosta before heading east to our boat in Titusville. We had expected heavy traffic going through Tampa and Orlando but we were surprised that we made it through without a delay.

On  the way south we took the inside route that avoided Washington, D.C. and all the coastal cities on I95. By taking that route we saved about $100 in tolls! Last year we did take the coastal route and we said never again! We rejoined I95 near Charleston, S.C. and didn't pay any tolls the entire trip. However, on the way over to Titusville from Tampa we were caught on a toll road by surprise. They charged $1 for about every few miles. Had we known that, we'd have found a way around the toll road. In contrast to nearby expressways, the toll road was practically empty - and, of course, not all the tolls booths were manned so there were long waits for the privilege of supporting the road.

So by and by we reached Titusville and we were pleased to see the boat appear to be in good shape as we approached our slip. However, going down the companionway, I discovered that the freezer was off (what's that smell??) Somehow the breaker had tripped while we were up north, oh my. Cleaning out the freezer from 1.5 months of spoiled food was comparable to one of the labors of Hercules, one aspect of boating I could have done without! After three hours of scrubbing, spraying, re scrubbing, respraying,  washing with bleach, etc. the smell was tolerable and the freezer kinda looked okay. We'll let it air out overnight before loading it up. Needless to say, we need a full provisioning trip on Friday. At this rate we won't leave Titusville until Sunday or maybe even Monday, a boat neglected for almost two months needs some serious TLC.