Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We are not at Titusville yet!

I've relearned how to shovel snow!! A lesson not appreciated!

This as been the coldest winter we've ever experienced in December! We always return to New York during the holidays to enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years with family and friends. Usually it's an introduction to winter which we're more than glad to end the first of January, heading back south to our boat. This year, the return trip is especially welcomed given the depth of the cold weather up north. If you've followed the news you're well aware of the record setting cold temperatures during December and early January - and it's not even the coldest time of the year yet!

Our Christmas decorations certainly didn't feel very warm...
We left New York on January 3 to visit with our daughter over the weekend before heading further south on Monday. All along our trip south, we've been met with record cold temperatures in both absolute temperature and in wind chill. We stayed in Columbia, South Carolina overnight on the way south and saw 11F in the morning! That's virtually unheard of down there and the locals were freezing (as we were too!)

Our poor, Florida rental car - it didn't look very comfortable
This afternoon we finally arrived in Florida to visit with friends in Tampa with the temperature climbing into the 40's by late afternoon, warmer but hardly Florida weather! We'll stay another day and then reach our boat in Titusville by Thursday, hopefully with warmer weather!