Friday, November 1, 2013

Titusville - We visit the Kennedy Space Center

A photo cannot capture how huge this thing is
We had visited the Kennedy Space Center in the spring where I had bought an annual pass which allows me free entry for one year and a 10% savings on anyone with me along with free parking. So my annual pass was still good and we hadn't seen the IMAX films the last time so we opted for returning for another visit.

Perhaps an aft view will help
Our first priority was to see the two IMAX films, both of which focused on space unlike the feature films at some of the other IMAX theaters. One was on the space shuttle and the other one was about repairing the Hubble space telescope. Both lasted about 45 mins and was everything I hoped for. Lots of views from space, the shuttles, pictures from the Hubble and all in 3D, thoroughly enjoyable. The last time we visited, the Atlantis shuttle exhibit was not finished but now it is. It's an amazing exhibit and worth the price of admission just to see it. It's an absolute top-notch job, we were dazzled. I never appreciated just how huge the space shuttles were, much bigger than I had imagined. Plus, they have the real Atlantis on exhibit, not a mockup like exhibits elsewhere. If you're ever in the Titusville area, do not miss the Kennedy Space Center!

As you left the exhibit (and returned to Earth), you "heated up through the atmosphere", red hot, cute.
On Saturday we due for a break in the heat wave (high today of 86) and we'll get a few storms coming through with a high on Sunday of only 79. After all of today's activities we just ordered pizza delivered to the boat so now we're stuffed. It's a mild night but storms are coming.