Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Titusville - the storm clouds gather...

No! This is not Florida! It's a view from our webcam at home in New York! Our first snow up north. 
A storm awaits us. The leading edge of the storm, the one that dropped snow in the northeast is due to arrive here around 4:00 am. We're due for winds in the 20's with gusts perhaps up to 40 mph in the marina. So we're snugged in and tied up with multiple lines, we should be okay.

We were sent a photo of our grandkids playing in the snow in Connecticut, so naturally we had to send a photo back.
Meanwhile, when we logged into our webcams back up north around our house, we saw snow!  We had enough to turn the ground white, the first of the season which is kind of early for us in Lagrangevile, NY. Perhaps there's a new ice age coming... The marina here is almost full, lots of boats came in anticipating the high winds and wanted to be secure in a marina, us included.

I'm sure Wednesday will be spent in the boat, not much outside activity planned. Unlike last time, it's only predicted to last one day and then return to normal weather of temps in the high 70's with light winds.