Monday, November 4, 2013

Titusville - Goes to the dogs...

View from the dog park towards the marina
Titusville is becoming known as a cruiser friendly marina. Their rates are very economical at $1.44/ft (with BOAT/US) and if you stay a week it's only $6/ft. For a month's stay, it's even less at $10/ft. So you can see the attraction. Add in the dog park next door where dogs can roam free and play with others and also the free shuttle into town (Walmart, Publix, etc.), it's a first class outfit.

I think Hoolie is about done it - time to head back to the boat
Today we had 30 kt winds and we rocked a bit. The rule of physics is that a 30 kt wind is four times as powerful as a 15 kt wind (maps to the square of the velocity). I can personally attest to the 4x ratio. It's now blowing 15 kts (only...) and it seems as if we're on land, almost. But 25 to 30 kts is entirely different!!

So we made a trip out to the nearest Publix but didn't do much else except take Hoolie over to the dog park, his favorite trip whenever we're here. All the dogs play well together, no one bites or growls but boy do they ever run around! Hoolie always returns to the boat with his tongue hanging out.

I'll take the car back Tuesday morning and then tackle the accumulated mail (bills!) of two months. Time to catch up on reality again.