Saturday, November 9, 2013

Titusville - a trip to Orlando

A popular pastime in the marina - watching manatees - they like to sip from the rainwater runoff pipe
Well, we didn't actually get to Orlando, only the outskirts and that was bad enough as far as traffic was concerned. Manhattan has nothing on Orlando for traffic, terrible. Ann wanted to visit a Barnes and Noble so we went to the nearest one in a new style shopping center where the stores are arranged as if downtown in a village, there's no indoor mall as such. The new arrangement involves a lot of walking to get between stores since there are parking lots separating them.

So we did our thing and turned around and headed immediately back to the coast and our boat, enough of city traffic! The weather has turned nice with temps in the low 80's and the winds have finally abated to the low teens, a welcomed relief from the 20s to 30s of the last week. Hoolie continues to protect the boat from attacking manatees. There are about 20 in the marina and Hoolie listens intently for their sounds when they come up for air - and lets us know when the boat is threatened, good dog Hoolie.

On Sunday we plan on visiting the Cape Canaveral National Seashore. Dogs are not allowed in many areas of the park so Hoolie will cool his heels on the boat but he'll get a treat of peanut butter and hotdogs packed in a Kong, he seems to like it.