Saturday, November 16, 2013

Titusville - A Saturday Jam

Jamming at Titusville
Whenever there's cruisers staying at a marina long term, there's always get togethers on an informal schedule. At Titusville, the monthly rates are so attractive, that they've gathered a large following with some staying for the entire winter. For us, it's not far enough south, we like our winters even warmer but it's not bad for November.

Not bad at 7:30 pm down here
Tonight several of the long term crew formed an impromptu band: one singer, one guitar player and one saxophone - a band. It's always fun at such events and you meet people from all over that you often keep meeting as you continue down the ICW, a traveling family.

A sign you see often around here
On the way to town, you pass by a pond with a no swimming sign except that this sign is there for a reason you don't find up north. Namely, it's no swimming because of alligators! I know it's possible because I photographed an alligator in the marina right behind our boat last spring (the photo's in the spring blog). So you do have to watch our for a few different things down here.