Thursday, November 14, 2013

Titusville - Obamacare and holding tank monitors, somehow it fits together

A calm night, what a contract from last night!
We were busy sorting through Obamacare today and it looks like we'll  be okay on costs, we think... Actually, it's not with a government sponsored health exchange, it's s private one chosen by IBM. We  couldn't get an appointment for an interview until 12/7, such crowds!

The wind abated here and it was a pleasant day with light winds, only in the mid teens. I received a holding tank monitoring kit today. It has a printed circuit board you stick to the holding tank and it measures the amount of fluid in the tank so you can tell when you have to empty the tank. Note very exciting but boy is it necessary! My old system stopped working and I won't tell you about the results... The installation of any such system is mainly a chore in running sensor lines. You have to connect the tanks sensor with the readout display at the nav station - lots of threading of electrical lines through very narrow openings, only took about 2.5 hours to do! And that's only for one of the two tanks! Somehow, such things do not make the usual highlights of a cruising experience  but you get the unvarnished truth from me! I have to complete the task on Friday, hopefully.

Ann's returned to her pastel work but it's not finished enough for publication, I'll take a photo when she's done. Right now, it's like being on land, such calmness, welcomed.