Friday, November 8, 2013

Titusville - we rent a car for the weekend

A shower had just passed by on Cocoa Beach
Enterprise has a special deal where they rent a car for the weekend at only 9.99/day, that's $40 with all taxes and fees for a pickup on Friday morning and returning the car Monday morning. For us it's a good deal at a very reasonable price.

Noe the long, horizontal branches, typical of live oaks
We headed south to visit Lori Wilson Park and found that it was located at "I Dream of Jennie Lane". Upon further investigation we found that the television series was based on being in Cocoa Beach although most of the episodes were actually filmed in California. Cocoa Beach named a street in her honor when she visited for a celebration several years ago. It was a windy and overcast day but we walked out on the beach anyway and took the hammock trail. You'll note the profusion of live oaks in the photo with the peculiar characteristic of the long horizontal branches. It's a very strong type of tree and was sought after for the building of wooden fighting vessels for that reason.

The beach has a red flag posted which was a sign that it was closed for swimming due to the high wind and waves. The danger was the potential development of rip tides due to the high surf. Needless to say, we did not go in the water, it looked rough. On the way back we discovered Harvey's Indian River groves, the best source of fresh oranges and grapefruit we've ever had.

We plan on exploring Orlando on Saturday (minus Disney World, Ann does not like theme parks...) and the beach again on Sunday.