Thursday, November 7, 2013

Titusville - home maintenance

Fun to watch off the back of the boat!
Well, there are still things you gotta do even on vacation as I mentioned yesterday. Not very exciting talking about those things but we did have a nice sunset tonight. We have a bunch of DVDs on board and after finishing the two seasons of Rome (excellent!) and the first season of Spartacus (not as good ) we're now into The Sopranos, currently season two about midway. It was very highly rated, reaching the top spot on many of the all time reviews. However, we thought Rome was better as was Justified. The Rome series stopped at season two but Justified is still going strong at season five. So if we can't get a local station, which is rare on the ICW, we always have the DVDs to watch and lots of books.

Later on we saw Venus and a crescent moon in the western sky
We took Hoolie out again today for exercise, which consists of me throwing a ball and Hoolie running at full speed after it - at which time I throw the ball in the opposite direction. It keeps him huffing and puffing.  Ann decided to spring for a car for the weekend. Enterprise has a special of $40 for three days, Friday through Monday morning, so we'll continue our exploration of the Titusville area. I also reserved a car for the trip north for $979 from Hertz, not bad for a car with unlimited mileage for 1.5 months. It's cheaper to rent the car for the duration than pay the one-way charge for two rentals (one up and one back).

We're enjoying the calmer weather (less wind) but it's supposed to pipe up again on Saturday but die off for Sunday so we have high hopes on getting to the seashore that day.


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