Saturday, November 2, 2013

Titusville - A day of change, storms come through

If you're in Titusville, do not miss Dixie Crossroads and their rock shrimp!
We saw the front come through today that came through up north earlier in the week. The skies were dark and the wind piped up out of the north. It's a dramatic change for down here with a low tonight of 59. The high on Sunday is only to reach 78! I have the heater on full blast right now (and I make fun of those down south for feeling cold in weather that northerners think is warm...)

So today was upgrade day for galley lights. I installed an LED replacement light for the fluorescent light in the galley that came with the boat. It's 24 inches long and is much, much brighter than the fluorescent light it replaced. I buy all my LEDs from Marinebeam. They come with a built in current regulator so no matter that the voltage is on the boat (12.4 on low batteries or 15v at the highest charge rate) the LEDs are protected and see a constant voltage and current. All of the lights on my boat are LEDs now.

The last time we were in Titusville, we heard so much about rock shrimp that we promised ourselves we would try them out the next time we were in town. The rock shrimp business was born here in Titusville, nobody else at the time wanted anything to do with them, they were hard to eat since the shell (hard as a rock) had to be cracked to get at the meat. So Dixie Crossroads came into being and brought rock shrimp to the eating public - and the rest is history as they say. I had two dozen tonight served with dipping butter (like lobster) and the taste is just like lobster, but even sweeter and as tender. The restaurant cracks the shells open for you so picking out the meat is easy. But it's the taste that keeps you coming back - delicious!!

With a cooler day on tap for Sunday, we'll head inland to a nature refuse by the Indian River. We're doing all the exploring now before we turn in the car on Tuesday morning and have to face up to picking a medical plan and sorting through all our back mail we just got today, probably some bills, ugh.