Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Zeisings - at anchor

The view from the Zeisings' back lawn and dock towards the anchorage
Rain in the morning is what greeted us along with strong winds. I found a place for Hoolie between the rain showers but then more rain came and we didn't get out of the anchorage until 10:30. We were only a little over an hour south of the Zeisings so there was no hurry.

View of their home on the ICW
We arrived and slowed down for the entry into Zeisings' Harbor. It's protected in all but east winds and guess where the wind was from today! If you guessed north, south or west, you were wrong! Still, it's the most convenient anchorage for visiting with our former PYC alumni so we anchored anyway.Bill and Pat moved here years ago and we only get to see them when we come up or down the ICW. The occasion was Bill's birthday so Pat prepared a Thanksgiving type dinner with a large turkey with all the dressings. It's the type of dinner we can't prepare on the boat with our small oven and limited propane supply. Needless to say, Pat did an outstanding job - which we all enjoyed immensely.

A lot to be happy about!
Bill put the bird feeder up again but all the song birds were swept away by Irene. The first ones to return were black birds, no songbirds yet. A pair of ducks did make it back, sort of like pets in the backyard. All the squirrels were likewise wiped out and other wildlife too. After all, the area you see in the photos was under 10 feet of water during Irene!

We always play bridge when we visit with Bill and Pat but we seldom play otherwise, it's hard to find bridge players nowadays. We'll continue our visit and hopefully the east winds will die down somewhat, it's also chilly with temps barely into the 70's during the day and in the 50's at night, cold for this time of the year.