Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cape Charles - at a dock

We thought we would have to pass inbetween them but then realized they were all at anchor!
We left Hampton expecting dying winds and waves. The winds were only 10 to 15 kts but the waves were very confused. The shipping in and out of the mouth of the Chesapeake and the entrance to Norfolk created waves in all directions that travelled for miles. They combined in all possible combinations to produce a very bouncy ride. The wind wasn't right for the trip north to Deltaville so we headed for Cape Charles, a shorter ride of 25 Nm but it was across the width of the bay.

From the eastern shore we can see the sun set over water - except clouds came, foretelling high winds for Wednesday
We had never been to Cape Charles before and we found a new marina that was installed with state funding. Virginia is evidently investing in marinas to attract boaters for the local economy. At any rate, the docks are new and very sturdy with every modern convenience including a new bathhouse and an on-site restaurant, a first rate place. Don and Liz are still with us and we all went to the restaurant by the docks,The Shanty, for a light dinner, not bad.

Meanwhile, we saw the forecast for Wednesday change from 10 to 15 and 2 to 3 ft waves to a new forecast of 15 to 20 and 3 ft waves. After the confused seas from today's ride, I think we'll sit Wednesday out at the marina and plan on leaving Thursday when the winds moderate, at least that's when they're supposed to go down. One never knows about forecasts.