Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Atlantic City - Resting Up

The redecorated Golden Nugget entrance
The winds they blow and then blow some more. We're seeing gusts to 20 here in the harbor and there must be higher gusts out on the ocean. The waves are 3 to 5 building to 4 to 7 ft over the next few days. We are just not in that big a rush to suffer through an up and down ride for 11 hours. So we're just going to wait it out. It doesn't look like better weather until Monday for us. Meanwhile, John Kwak and his crew are chugging along, making great headway north. We've been tracking them on Spot and tonight they reached the Reedy Island anchorage on Delaware Bay. At the rate they're going, they will overlap us possibly as early as Thursday and certainly by Friday. We'll wave as they go by. We will still wait for better weather, there are only two of us on  board.

Wanta play some slots?
I received a call from the tech who ordered the part for the genset that we think is bad, the oil pressure gauge. He's scheduled to replace the part on Thursday morning so we're looking forward to that. Hopefully, that's the only problem with this "ultra reliable" genset model...

One guy, three slots - not too busy
By having a slip at the marina, we are considered guests of the resort with access to all of the Golden Nugget features such as the exercise room and the pool up on the 6th floor. The pool has a great view of the harbor and a fun place to relax for the day. On Thursday afternoon, we plan on visiting the boardwalk and enjoying the view, perhaps we'll see John Kwak as he enters the channel into Atlantic City! If I do, I'll take a video of his entry!