Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Atlantic City - at the Golden Nugget Marina

Very protected marina - also has cable TV and guest access to hotel amenities 
We looked at the coastal weather report and grib and it looked like we had a window to reach Atlantic City in the morning. Higher winds and waves were expected in the afternoon so it had to be an early start. I got up at 5:15 am and we proceeded to get the boat ready which included Hoolie's morning trip to the nearby beach. We managed to get off the hook by 7:00 am and out we headed.

The rollers were still present from the day before so up and down we went as the rollers passed under us, mostly 3 to 5 ft with an occasional one higher. They weren't breaking waves so the boat was just like an elevator that couldn't make up its mind what floor to be on. For some reason we had the current with us so we averaged 8 kts going north. We entered the marina around 11:40 and refueled before heading to a slip. This time of year, before the high season, they have a special on where the slips are only $1.50/ft so we signed up with a variable end date depending on when the weather allowed us to go north again.

Over the next few days the winds are supposed to pipe up to 20 to 30 kts and the waves from 5 to 7 ft. Both are out of the south so, in theory, the boat is certainly capable and we could use the push to go north but the ride would not be comfortable for the 82 Nm trip for us. We'll pass. The window for a passage we deem acceptable looks like Sunday at the earliest and more probably Monday.

So with that we'll  be in Atlantic City for close to a week. We have a snug slip at a reasonable price and interesting things to see and do along the boardwalk. We'll take advantage of both until we can get out of here (comfortably).

Meanwhile, I have a problem with the brand new genset I just bought a little over a month ago. It turned itself off after a low oil pressure sensor alarmed. This problem is only after 22 hours of run time! So I called nearby dealers and they all agreed that this time of the year, they had much more work than they could handle and really weren't too interested in warranty work. The typical response was that they were full for the next three weeks! That didn't make me too happy so I talked on, being nice, and finally got one dealer to listen to the symptoms and he agreed to send a tech over tomorrow or the next day with a part for the suspected fail mode. He, at least, ordered the part and now he just has to find the time to install it. Needless to say, we are not too happy about all of this - the whole reason we bought the Kohler model was the claimed "reliability". Now we are not so sure it was a wise choice, but it's too late now.


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Maybe we will see u there!!!