Friday, May 10, 2013

Hampton - we rent a car and provision

Downtown Newport News
It's not that Walmart is such a great store, it's just that it's a great one stop for everything for boaters. You can get groceries, diesel oil, some hardware, pharmacy items, rugs, electronics - all in one stop and usually at better prices there than anywhere else. So after picking up our car for the weekend, the first place we headed was the nearest Walmart. So after about 30 bags, we are now provisioned for the trip home, minus a few odds and ends along the way like fresh vegetables, orange juice, etc.
Had to see Fleetwing frorm the parking garage, eye level at the top of the mast

In the afternoon I accompanied Ann so I could buy her a Mother's Day outfit. The temperature here is hot, a high of 85 today! It's hard to believe that the weather is supposed to change so abruptly by Monday and Tuesday when the highs are only in the low 60's with a north wind! With all that coming, we're just going to stay put until summer resumes, probably Wednesday even though that really puts us making the Anchors Aweigh party in dour jeopardy.

Don and Liz Bunch will be arriving Saturday afternoon, finally catching up with us in Hampton. Looks like we'll have time to visit and play some bridge until the weather breaks. Oh well, at least we have a car for exploring Hampton and the surrounding area.