Saturday, May 25, 2013

Atlantic City - PYC South meets at the Charthouse for Anchors Aweigh

The owner's yacht - with helicopter
We had intended making Anchors Aweigh at PYC on Saturday night but just couldn't get good enough weather for the trip up the coast. We lost an entire week waiting for weather at Atlantic City so we decided to make the best of it by having a PYC South party at the Charthouse with John Kwak, Michele, Mike Quick and Jessie. The Charthouse has a great view of the marina and the Atlantic City skyline and the best food in the city.

John and Michele at the Charthouse
John and Michele returned to Cape May and intend to set out the same day we will, Monday. We intend to reach PYC on Wednesday and I think John will make PYC on the same day since he doesn't intend to stop at Haverstraw on the way north. Mike Quick and Jessie left tonight for NYC so John will be without two of his crew up the coast. However, the weather is predicted to be  benign so it shouldn't be a problem We are still under gale warning at the present with huge waves but it's all due to settle down by Monday (we hope!)

Mike Quick and Jessie

In the morning the owner of the Golden Nugget casino dropped in to his yacht, literally - he landed on his yacht with a helicopter. In fact, the helicopter made at least four trips from somewhere back to the boat. It was almost like he was doing touch and goes, what a racket - but nobody complained... They looked like they were having quite a party!

Ann, it was all delicious 

We have tickets for another trip to the boardwalk, just to explore the area more and then prepare for an early morning start for Atlantic Highlands anchorage on Monday.


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