Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hampton - The Bunches arrive and we go to a block party

Just having a good time - typical of towns up and down the ICW
Thunderstorms were predicted for the afternoon so Don and Liz wanted to beat the storms with an early start. They arrived around noon and, as it turned, we never did get a thunderstorm - but they were all around us. We're in for a huge change in the weather with a 25 degree drop in the high temps for the next three days, especially Monday and Tuesday. The cool weather is ushered in by the strong, north winds until Wednesday until when the warm weather returns.

Every Saturday evening, the city hosts a block party with a band so we thought we would drop by on the way for dinner. Such events are typical of many of the towns we've been in on the ICW. They are trying hard to promote events for people to get together, to promote a sense of community - they seem to be succeeding too. They had one table set up where people went through an ID check to be sure they were of legal age for alcohol and they got a bright yellow wrist band so the individual vendors didn't have to check ID's over and over, they just looked for the wrist band. It was a carnival atmosphere.

Beers are available on tap, a wall of taps
Our routine includes monitoring the weather reports several times a day, more than what is useful but it matches the interest we have in the subject. There's a bunch of us here waiting for the north winds to abate. Meanwhile we're exploring the area, trying to make lemonade.