Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pungo Creek anchorage - at anchor

With strong east winds, the water level rises - but we still had enough of a beach for Hoolie relief
Such terrible weather! We had intended leaving at 6:30 am but the forecast wasn't as bad as we thought so we left later. The morning lies said the winds would only be in the 10 to 15 kt range but when we reached the Pamlico River, the winds peaked at 23 kts! However, it was less than an hour ride across the river and as we approached the opposite shore, the waves and wind lessened, somewhat.

At anchor, actually we're very well protected from east winds, very calm compared to our last anchorage at the Zeisings
Don and Liz Bunch were going to meet us at the Pungo anchorage in their own boat but the weather report was so lousy that they delayed their departure until Wednesday at the earliest. Ever since Barefoot Landing in Myrtle Beach, the weather is more like winter than summer, cold, cold and windy. On many days it's been warmer in New York than where we've been.

We made it to the Pungo anchorage today despite the rain and high winds (gotta love that full enclosure). We even had the portable heater going in the cockpit, running off the inverter. We were toasty but then you're not supposed to need that during May! There are thunderstorms forecast for all day Monday so we'll look at the radar in the morning and then decide whether we want to move or not. Our next stop will be Alligator River Marina for fuel and an overnight stay.