Friday, October 14, 2011

Zeisings' Anchorage - last day

The moon rose blood red, a contrast to our anchor light at left
The weather is gradually getting better with temps in the 70's. We finished our bridge tournament and wrapped up the day with another great meal. The last time Hoolie was here was last spring and yet he remembered that Bill used to run him in the front yard by chasing golf balls. Whenever he was in the house, he sat expectantly by the front door with pleading eyes for Bill to play with him. Who said dogs always live in the present? Not true, they remember.

For the next week we'll be moving every day and anchoring out most of the time. As we go further south, the ICW will gradually get shallower so we'll have to watch our route more carefully. We have a week of predicted good weather so we should be okay. Saturday we plan on anchoring at Cedar Creek off Adams Creek. It will be interesting to see how crowded it is, we seem to be in the thick of boats going south this year.