Thursday, October 27, 2011

Charleston Maritime Center - Last Day

Golden sun, pretty sky
We paid a final visit to Harris Tetter to stock up on last minute items and then returned to the boat to enjoy the 80 degree weather! It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow with temps only in the 70's but with full sun, we'll be toasty. Friday starts the dash for Florida through a series of cuts that join creeks and rivers so there's a continuous path for boats going south. Unfortunately, Georgia and South Carolina have fallen on hard times and dredging has not been a top priority. Some places have silted in to 3.5 ft at low tide - hence the necessity of making the passage at near high tide! Luckily, the tides run to 9 ft in this area, much higher than either North Carolina or Florida which may have 1 to 2 ft at most.

Some readers of the blog have tried to print some of the sunset photos and found they come out fuzzy. That's because I reduce the resolution to speed up page loading time. If anyone wants a photo for printing or for wallpaper, just send me a note via and I'll return the full resolution photo of the one on the blog you're interested in.

On the way back to the boat, we noticed a large blank spot moving across our field of vision. It was a huge car cargo ship blotting out the lights on shore behind it. It didn't look like a ship at all! It resembled a floating brick, efficient I suppose for transporting cars but ugly.

On Friday we'll intend to anchor at Edisto Creek with a major attraction of a boat ramp for Hoolie!