Monday, October 10, 2011

Pungo River Anchorage

Here's what relaxing on a boat looks like...
The Alligator River Marnia is noted for the shallow bar that runs across its entrance. When we entered Monday I saw 5.1 ft on the depth sounder but when I left this morning, I saw 4.9 ft! Since we draw 4.8 ft, it's a close fit but we made it okay although with a slight bump.

It was a motoring day with most of the trip down the Pungo - Alligator River canal, it's straight as an arrow but wide and deep so you can relax. We had intended to just stay one night at the Pungo River anchorage which is just outside and north of the canal's southern end but the forecast is not good for Tuesday with lots of wind and rain out of the east, not a good direction for the anchorage at the Zeisings which is exposed from that direction. So we'll probably have a layover day Tuesday and travel on to the Zeisings on Wednesday, depending on the weather forecast of course.

We've both noticed the increase in flies and mosquitoes this year. I guess it's due to the higher level of rainfall compared to last year. We're hoping that as we get close to the shore, the bug rate will decrease, maybe the seabreeze will blow them inland. For now we're relaxing inside to escape the bugs and will do boat things tomorrow before moving on Wedneday.