Saturday, October 22, 2011

Barefoot Landing Marina - Shopping Day

They take care to have a nice looking area for shopping
After a cool night in the high 40's, it was time to shop. Ann headed out for Chico's and similar outlets and I went for a new pair of running shoes. We both found what we wanted and met back at the boat in the afternoon. The area also features the "House of Blues" with visiting singers, "Alabama" with major bands on the venue and other entertainment establishments to separate you from your dollars. However, if it's enjoyable, why not. All that was too late for us, being sailboaters, we're early to bed and early (relatively) to rise so we're back in the boat by 7:00 at the latest.

Uh-oh, live oaks
We're meeting a lot more fellow boaters this time south. One guy came by and we learned that not only did he had a Brittney and but it was from the same breeder in New Jersey! That makes four people so far that we've met with Brittneys from Dr. Berlet. He's been down the ICW 37 times! He said that it's still fascinating to him, amazing.

A common sight here and along the ICW

We saw the first live oak trees today but it's not the season for pollen so Ann's been unaffected. We'll have to watch that carefully on the way back. On Sunday we plan on leaving early and overnight at Georgetown before moving on the next day. There are no shallows reported on Active Captain so it ought to be a restful trip.