Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hampton - Day 3 at the city docks

Beautiful condos nearby where we walk Hoolie
In our last day we filled the water tanks and prepared for a 6:30 am start Friday morning. The Gilmore bridge only opens once an hour on the half hour so we're aiming for the 9:30 opening in order to make the 11:00 lock time at the Dismal Swamp Canal. If we miss the 11:00 lock opening, then the next one is at 3:00 pm so we're leaving with plenty of time to spare - we hope. It's also starting to warm up with temps in the 70's for a change. With any sun at all, the cockpit warms right up to 80 since it's fully enclosed.

Virginia Air and Space Museum - we saw an I-Max movie
Meanwhile, I've completed another fixed page on my blog. This one is in answer to the question, "What resources or references do you use that you find helpful while traveling down the ICW?" So today I thought about it some and created a fixed page on the blog (link at the left) that lists the various references we use with links to the associated webpages. I hope you find it useful as you follow us south.

We'll be moving daily for the next few days until we reach Bill and Pat Zeising's house on the ICW on Tuesday where we'll stay a few days before continuing on south. They had high water on their property within a few feet of their house which is 13 feet above sea level from Irene. We'll anchor out and dink to their dock for a visit.