Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cedar Creek anchorage

No excuses - we just like sunsets!
The anchorage is off Adams Creek where Kit and Pete Andros used to have a house (they sold it later). Our passage down the Neuse River was before the wind piped up into the high teens so we were lucky to get in before the waves  built up.

Windy day on the Neuse River
There are five boats here in the anchorage but there's plenty of room and it's a lovely anchorage, very picturesque. We noticed a double masted sailboat up on land at the foot of the anchorage. We're sure that's not intended and must be from Irene. I can imagine that this anchorage was crowded with boats trying to escape the wrath of Irene - one apparently didn't survive.

We took Hoolie in but halfway in the outboard died! Try as I may, I couldn't get it restarted and rowed into shore. The mosquitoes were as thick as fog in the morning! Hurricane Irene has left a legacy still being felt by all in the area. So you suit up in long pants, long sleeve shirts, a hat and bug spray. However, in the afternoon we were fine on our boat which is out a ways in the anchorage.

Notice the boat up on land!

Anyway, once Hoolie was done and we pushed off, I was able to get the outboard started (whew!) and we made our way back to the boat. The outboard was fine for  the trip into shore after dinner. Not sure what the problem was with the motor?? It worked fine on our last trip in but it does shake your confidence in the motor - especially since we had, at the time, about a 15  kt wind which made it very difficult rowing. Outboards are not my favorite type of motor!

All houses are up on stilts in down here

Now we're settled in and enjoyed the sunset for a change but we're downstairs buttoned up, no insects down here! On Sunday we're off for Swansboro at their anchorage.