Monday, October 24, 2011

Awendaw Creek at anchor

I know, yet another sunset picture - but I like them!
Awendaw Creek is halfway between Georgetown and Charleston, out in the middle of nowhere. Looking in one direction, you can see the ocean, although there's no waves since there is still marshland between us and the open sea. On the way down there was some tense moments as the water thinned since we just happened to hit this area at low tide - some luck. Actually the lowest we saw was 7.5 ft which was plenty since we draw 4' 9" but it was still interesting.

The anchorage is surrounded by marshland and getting Hoolie ashore was no problem at half tide but then the tide came in (high was at 7:00 pm, natually, just when we take Hoolie ashore) and Hoolie got his feet wet but did his business anyway. It is now dead still with 4 kts of wind but a rushing current. With no lights around and no moon tonight, the stars are fabulous! Ann said, as we watched the setting sun reflecting off the water, why can't we make these moments stop in time?

From here on south, the ICW getts narrower and shallower so most boaters try to pass through these areas at high tide. We'll do the best we can but at least we only draw 4' 9" so we can get through areas some can't. You just have to be extremely careful to keep in the channel, the least bit of inattention and you're aground!


Anonymous said...

i see your getting close...have lost your phone#, as my old cell took a bath followed by a dry sauna and it gave up the ghost...mine 845-702-1100 jack