Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Charleston Maritime Center - Visit to Hyman's

For Marion
One reader of the blog wondered why I only have photos of sunsets and not of sunrises. Well, we're usually getting ready to leave in the morning and taking photos is not on the agenda in the rush to get started. However, this morning we were not moving out so a sunrise photo was taken!

The Old Slave Market has been renovated
One of the reasons we're delaying our departure from Charleston is to get into sync with the tides. As I've mentioned before, the section of the ICW is very shallow south of us and in some cases, cannot be passed at all at low tide. By waiting for a Friday departure, the high tide will shift from early morning to 10:30 am and be 30 minutes later each day as we head south (45 minutes later for the same location but by going south, the high tide shifts in the opposite direction) So for the week we're in thin water, we'll have the advantage of 7 to 8 ft of high tide during the daytime, ideal! That also means we have to move everyday to keep in sync, no more lallygagging.

Mystery Plant (at least to me) - what is it?

Hyman's is an institution in Charleston. Everybody goes there for seafood at least once when they're in town. Each table has a plaque listing the famous people who ate at the table. Our table had a Jodi Foster plaque. So we paid our visit tonight and now we're ready to spend Thursday to get the  boat ready for the dash through the shallows on Friday.