Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At Zeisings' Anchorage

It's a full moon night - that's our anchor light at the bottom left of the picture
Well, we did get off okay but then then storms came and we ducked into a side anchorage off the Pungo River to await their passage. With the iPad2 app showing the weather radar for the area, we can track the exact path and timing of coming storms. When clear, we headed out across the Pamlico River with a rocky ride to Zeisings' anchorage.

We anchored and sped to Zeisings' dock and which survived Irene but there was great damage in the area. The eye of Irene came within 10 miles of their house and lingered for 21 hours. The water rose 9 ft to within 4 feet of the first floor of their house (not counting the waves!) The entire area was under a forced evacuation - for good reason! Entire houses were lost in the area but Bill and Pat's house was okay although it suffered some damage. They did lose their boat and car, both were partially underwater. The water level is near normal now but still on the high side. One side effect of all the wet weather is the increase in the mosquitoes! They are thick!.

We'll be staying a few days and plan on leaving Saturday morning to continue our trip south.