Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stuart, Florida – We restart our cruise to Key West

Let's see, would I rather be here or up north?
Welcome back everybody! We were in New York for the holidays and had the experience of a northeast blizzard (15 inches of snow, 30 kt winds, 15 degrees temp). It was a rude awakening – but we didn’t have to stay for the rest of winter!! We headed south on the day before New Years Eve, stopping by the Zeisings for several days (great food and company!!) and arrived in 70 degree weather at Stuart on Monday, such bliss.

Matthew decided to come back with us to Florida until the middle of February. We will be home schooling him for the duration. Luckily, his class was an experimental one that used the internet for all assignments and the school agreed to let Matthew keep his internet access to his classes. He doesn’t submit papers or test to his school but at least we can follow along over the internet to be sure he keeps pace with his class as we grade his assignments.

Matthew's version of nachos
 After the past two days of hectic activity starting Matthew's schooling routine and waking up the boat after a month’s absence – we took the afternoon off for a dip in the pool and a showing of an absolutely worthless movie (but funny) called “Hangover” along with $2 gyros and hotdogs.

On Thursday we’re off to the Lake Worth anchorage and will stop over near Boynton Beach to see Joe Mastri.


Anonymous said...

those look good.Matt must get his cooking talent from his Mama.haha.