Sunday, January 30, 2011

Newfound Harbor – At anchor

Deserted island nearb with a sandy beach - perfect
There are sandy trails all over the island
There is a very pretty uninhabited island by our anchorage – which is the reason we chose to anchor here. On weekends it’s very popular with many boaters taking advantage of the sandy beach for weekend getaways. It’s also a meeting place for dogs of all types. They run free on the island, brought there by the visiting boaters. Hoolie landed and met many friends – ran constantly but he never seemed to get exhausted. Eventually all the boaters left before sundown and we had the island to ourselves for Hoolie’s evening relief. It’s pitch blank at night and we have to use the chartplotter to find out in which direction to leave the boat to reach the island, kinda of eerie.

Always nice to see a good sunset
The weather has turned warm and the winds have subsided with temps in the 70’s and our anchorage is flat calm at the moment. I wouldn’t want to ride out a storm here but in this weather it’s ideal. Tomorrow is Monday and another school day for Matthew, he’s way ahead of his classmates who have endured many snow days – such is the advantage of home schooling in Florida!