Monday, January 17, 2011

Black Point Marina – Rain, rain rain….

Rain, rain rain...
It started raining this morning when I had to return the rental car and hasn’t stopped all day. Rain, rain and more rain! It’s a good thing we hadn’t planned on leaving today since we would have delayed another day anyway. This is a southern rain, not the wimpy northing rain we’re used to, it rains hard!

Not much to do except fill the water tanks (during the rain!) and otherwise get ready for leaving at first light on Tuesday morning. Luckily, there were just enough breaks in the rain to get Hoolie ashore but he hasn’t been ashore tonight and it’s still raining heavily now. It’ll be “white knuckle” time again getting out of here. With a 2 ft tide, we ought to have enough to get over the shallows but you never know for sure.

We spent four hour this morning on research for Matthew’s paper that’s due (since we’re doing the home schooling). We're trying to keep him up with his class during his southern sojourn and he’s doing pretty good at studying, it’s working out okay.

Tuesday is the first day we’re supposed to see the clear gulf waters with enough visibility to see our anchor, ought to be interesting to see the anchor set.