Thursday, January 27, 2011

Marathon – Great fish market

Fresh local seafood, hard to find
You would think that in the Keys (or anywhere in Florida for that matter) there would be a fish market on every corner. No so! For some unknown reason they are few and far between – if you can find them at all. Sure, you can find fish in supermarkets but that’s not the same as fresh catches from a local store. Well, we found such a market in Marathon, it’s called The Keys Fisheries (see photo), we especially recommend the shrimp. Ann used their shrimp in a delicious recipe tonight, just great.

Paul plowing our driveway for the 6th time in one month!
Meanwhile, we seem to keep getting battered up north. For the sixth time we’ve been plowed out by Paul and this is only January! You can see Paul and his truck from our webcam which we use to remind us of how snowy the north country can be. Surely it can’t stay like this all winter?! However, it’s supposed to warm up down here to the 80’s by early next week just in time for our arrival in Key West. We took on 140 gallons of water today so we’re all set for the last leg of our trip south.


BL said...

Speaking of fish markets...when you get to Key West, go to Stock Island where the boats come in every day to get fresh fish. It's a shady, seedy looking place but there's a market there, or at least used to be, where I'd get fresh shrimp several times a week. There was a short man named Jack that worked there and he was always very generous with the serving! I'd order a pound and I'd walk out with close to a pound and a half. I'm racking my brain trying to think of the name of the place but as you leave Key West and hit Stock Island, you turn right onto one of the first roads you see. Then follow that back to where all the commercial boats are tied up. You'll find it and it's well worth the trip!