Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Miami at Marine Stadium Anchorage

Not much in the water, a sled
We had small craft advisory with gusts to 30 kts right in Biscayne Bay which is supposed to be protected waters! The wind wasn’t that big of a problem heading south but we had a reservation at a marina near the Everglades National Park which had a very narrow approach at right angles to the 30 kt winds. If you stray out of the channel even a little bit, you’re hard aground. With that we decided to stay another day and hope for better weather on Thursday.

I accessed one of the six webcams around our house in New York and saw the snow from Wednesday's storm. We got 12 inches of new snow! We were plowed at 5:00 pm by Paul (thanks Paul!) We then called my son in Connecticut and found they had 30 inches and it was still snowing!! They sent us a picture of him snow blowing so we sent a picture of Matthew in his snorkeling outfit back (it was around 70 today). There are freeze warnings inland from us and it may even get down to the 40’s where we’re at. You’ll probably hear about the cold weather in Florida on the morning news. What I’ll guarantee is that you’ll never hear mentioned what the high of the day will be (that’s not news the northeast wants to hear). Well, just so you know, the high Thursday in Miami will be 68 and will climb back into the 70’s later in the week – so now you know.

They passed a few feet off our bow
Meanwhile we discovered that the sailboats we’ve been seeing during the day (and also at night!!) are from an Olympic training site in the southeast corner of the harbor. We saw teams from the US, Great Brittan and Canada. We were often used as a turning point for the boats so I got a few close-up pictures. With the winds we’ve been having, they were just flying!

Hopefully we can get to Black Point marina by Thursday afternoon and then on the see the Everglades National Park but the winds are still predicted to be pretty ferocious by then, we’ll see.