Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Miami at anchor

View from our anchorage
What a glorious day! The high was 79, the wind was warm, the waves were no problem and the sunshine was out in full force. With no wind and waves, the inlets were easy. We had to go outside and not use the ICW along this stretch since one of the bridges in Miami was only 56 feet. It’s the only bridge on the ICW less than 65 feet that doesn’t open, go figure. Our mast height is a touch under 56 feet but we didn’t want to chance it.

They raced all over the anchorage, beautiful
We are at the Marine Stadium anchorage. The stadium has been abandoned after a hurricane hit it but the anchorage is still here and is a perfect stopover on the way south. It’s impossible to be crowded, it’s too big and yet it’s protected from all directions except the west. There’s plenty of places for Hoolie relief, a requirement when traveling with a dog.

We saw many sailing racers practicing. There must be a college nearby since all the participants were of that age. Several shells went by too accompanied by a small boat yelling instructions. Clearly they were practicing for some future event. I believe the USA Olympic team practices nearby, perhaps they were involved in today’s practices.

Wednesday we’re headed south to Black Point marina and will rent a car to see the Everglades National Park which we are really looking forward to. It gets very shallow down that way with depths down to 4 ft at low tide. We’ll time our passage to take advantage of the 2 ft tide so in theory we ought to be okay (we draw 5 ft).