Friday, January 21, 2011

Marathon – We visit the beach

Nice beach!
The high today reached 82 so we decided a visit to the local beach was in order that borders on the gulf. Directly south of us is Cuba with the gulf stream in-between. So we hopped in the dinghy and after a 10 minute ride, arrived at the white, sandy beach. You can beach your dinghy on the canal side and walk about 100 feet to the gulf beach. There weren’t any waves of note but the water was warm and the beach sand was soft , Matthew had a good time.

Rather be here or up north?
Today was a school day (every day during the week) and we joke that it’s a race between Nana and Matthew on who does the homework correctly first for 8th grade math. It’s the pre-algebra course and it gets quite involved. Nana also covers French, Social Studies (doing time zone quizzes), reading reports and special projects. He’s actually getting more attention than he gets while in his school classes. This week was no contest given all the snow days up north – he doesn’t get any snow days in Florida! It’s quite an experience for all of us. I’m periodically called in to referee the math.

We’ll do some exploring of the city of Marathon Saturday, probably have lunch at a local fish restaurant of note.