Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Marathon at a mooring

Ended the day with a sunset
We covered about 50 miles today but there was no wind so we had to motor all the way but we did average 7.3 kts and passed several other sailboats on the way to Marathon. The city and state now runs the anchorage and have placed a staggering number of moorings, 238 in all, inside the anchorage area. In my mind, it’s a great improvement. The anchorage is now useful to many more boats. The rate is $20/day or $105/week which is a good value. They have come to terms with holding tanks, they have a free pump out boat that comes to your boat once a week and you don’t even have to be on your boat at the time. We’ve only been to one other anchorage with the same service and that was at St. Augustine. Once you start to cruise long term, such things become important.
Started the evening with a moon rise
Marathon is serious in supporting their boating industry. Their main clubhouse is huge with several rooms with flat panel TVs, an entire wall of books to trade, postal service (they will receive packages and mail), free WiFi and, of course, showers and laundry. There’s a Publix supermarket nearby as well as Home Depot. Some people stay right here for the entire winter. Not a bad place with the current high at 80 and the low at 70 with lots of sun.

We plan on taking the dinghy to the beach tomorrow afternoon (after Matthew completes his homework for the day) for a swim in the ocean. It’s due to hit 81, ought to be nice.