Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yarmouth at Yankee Marina - Day Three

Today we had a team of people working on the boat all day long. The Volvo alignment to the propeller shaft was adjusted to spec but not without first rebedding the engine supports. They had to be lifted with a shim so the adjustment screw was not at the top its travel; a bad thing for stresses since the entire forward thrust of the engine is against those four bolts. I also replaced the small, stock fuel filter with a much larger model that easier to change. On the genset set, the valve clearance was adjusted, the fuel injector replaced (it was leaking), the electrical output voltage of the genset adjusted upward (too low), the genset support was reinforced and rebedded along with much sound proofing. I’m anxious to hear the result of all the upgrades. It ought to be quieter in the cabin.

Meanwhile we went sightseeing and wanted to stop off to tour the Portland Art Museum but couldn’t find parking which I thought was strange. You would think they would have a dedicated parking garage but they didn’t. Failing in that we found a fish market and bought tuna! Back to the boat which was blanketed with workers so we took off again for the Maine Mall. Along the way we saw a sweatshirt hanging in the window that displayed what they thought of Yankee baseball fans!
Upon our return the boat was still a busy place so we decided to stay another day to let everyone finish at a rational pace (instead of staying too late), Ann prepared the tuna and we had a great meal with a bottle of chardonnay.