Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wentworth - Storms, Rain and a Layover Day

Today was a stormy day with rain and wind all day long. The winds stayed at 20 kts outside the harbor with 5 ft waves and rain. With that we decided to stay another day at Portsmouth. We had a dock at the very end of the outermost finger so we always had a long walk to the main buildings.

Wentworth has a courtesy car at no charge for use by visiting yachtsmen which we took advantage of with a trip into town. We found a barbeque place to try out which was not bad but didn’t compare to down south. Downtown Portsmouth has reinvented itself and it’s an interesting place to visit with lots of small shops. We even found a fromagerie (cheese shop) and we tasted several varieties but they didn’t have camembert, the cheese I liked the best while in France but they had other varieties that were very good. So we bought cheese and wine to have before the BBQ which we brought back to the boat. Sunday we’ll head out for Gloucester barring really bad weather, got to get south.