Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Layover Day in Maple Juice Cove

We decided to just take it easy and stay in Maple Juice Cove for another day. We took a tour of the area mid-morning, just a lazy dink ride to enjoy the views. We surprised a flock of seagulls that took flight as we approached. Hoolie was very interested in them but they paid him no attention at all. There were lots of lobster boats out and about and it became apparent that they were hauling their traps for the season. We saw a lot of lobster boats coming back to shore with traps aboard and many traps stored on the piers in front of houses. The season is drawing to a close in Maine.

We found a beach to exercise Hoolie and he bounded around as usual. When we get close to shore it’s like launching a harpoon at a whale, he bounds out of the dink full speed and his attached line (leash plus dinghy line) leaves the dink like the harpoon line in old movies about whaling. Your foot better not be caught up in a loop of the line! There’s nothing half speed about Hoolie, it’s all or nothing! The strange thing is that on the boat he’s quite calm. It’s as if he has two different personalities: a calm boat persona and a wild, enthusiastic shore persona. He makes the most of his shore leave. Also, he likes company. Today he sat on the shore waiting for Ann to join him before he did his business (see photo)! Ann dutifully got out of the dink with Hoolie and then he was happy and did his business. The dog likes company. We’ll head west Wednesday and eventually wind up in Boothbay Harbor for the Labor Day weekend.