Monday, September 14, 2009

Situate and an All Day Sail

After a quiet night we hear a racket in the morning and saw a Coast Guard helicopter land at the nearby Coast Guard station. He came in very carefully and sat it down on a rather small platform by the water. I guess the station at Gloucester is bigger than I thought. We lazed around for awhile and finally got started at 10:00 when the wind came up. We found about 10 kts out of the west which was perfect for us since we were headed south. By now the seas had calmed with very little wave action and there was no further build up since the wind was off the land.

On our way south we passed Boston in the distance and there were five large vessels waiting for clearance into the harbor. We listened in to their chatter over the VHF. One ship had divers in the water and we wondered if it was because of lobster pots? (or whether they’re even affected by such things). In Boothbay Harbor we talked to the captain of a whale watch ship and he said they used divers about once a week to clear off the lobster pots!

Ann and I took turns at the helm, usually ½ hour at a time as per our usual practice and we had a most pleasant sail. There are a lot fewer lobster pots in this area and this time of year which added to the enjoyment along with the full sunshine and warm weather. Coming into Situate we radioed Satuit Boat Club for a mooring and received prompt service as usual. I barbequed pork on the grill and Ann made Apple Charlotte. The wind and currents cooperated so the aft of the boat presented a great view of the sunset as we watched the colors develop and spread. There was even a sun spike, a yellow, vertical streak to add to the show. We live in such a beautiful world!