Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bayville in Linekin Bay

Another bright, sunny day but with no wind. There is definitely fall in the air with the cool nights and dark blue skies in the morning. Although there are fewer pots in general in Maine, you could never tell that by looking around here! One has to look ahead very carefully to see the possibility of a path through the maze of pots. You wonder how even one lobster can possibly escape the traps!

Without wind, we motored to Bayville which is right next door to Boothbay Harbor where we’ll be on Thursday. It’s at the head of the bay and there's a lovely anchorage in 25 feet of water at low. We’re the only anchored boat but there are mooring closer in. A big plus is the rocky island nearby for Hoolie relief, a must for any anchorage we chose.

At the end of the day we grilled hamburgers on the back of the boat and I had my birthday cake, a nice day!