Thursday, September 24, 2009

Northport at Sand City

It was another warm night, what a contrast to Maine! In the middle of the night it started to rain so I got up and put the rain sail in place over the forward hatch whereupon it promptly stopped raining for the rest of the night (of course!)

We had just enough wind to sail, about 8 kts on average so we enjoyed the winds and warm weather until the wind died after a couple of hours. As usual, Hoolie curled up in his favorite spot on the port side just aft of the helm station. It seat fits the curve of his body and he can see out in all directions. Funny how dogs are different, Lance, our previous Brittany Spaniel, never used that spot, he liked the rug by the hatch to the companionway. Also, Lance used to tremble when the motor was running but Hoolie isn’t fazed at all, he’s calm under motor and sail.

We anchored close to the north shore at Sand City near Northport since there was a 20 kt wind predicted starting at midnight out of the north. To the north there are the usual big houses you see on Long Island, all with a view of the water. It’s a little funny to see the trees all cut from the ground up to allow views of the water, it’s like holes in an otherwise continuous forest canopy. Onward to Manhasset.